Dear Guest,

On behalf of the owner and the Management Company of your luxury vacation home, welcome to Florida!

To ensure your stay is truly memorable and enjoyable experience we have prepared this guide with you in mind to provide you with important information about your vacation home and some of the local attractions.

However, if there is anything we have overlooked, please do not hesitate to contact us [email protected].

We ask that you familiarize yourself with your vacation home ensuring everyone knows where to find fire extinguisher and where the exits are located. Please remember to be safe while enjoying the pool and never leave children unattended. Also, please remember that you are staying in someone else’s cherished vacation home. Please take care of it and be respectful.

We hope you enjoy your stay and look forward to seeing you again in Florida for your next vacation.

Aneta & Tom

We strictly operate a NON-SMOKING POLICY IN OUR HOME. For the comfort of all guests, we thank you for not smoking.

A charge of $100 will be applied if we need to de-odorize the unit after your departure.

Ash trays may have been provided – these are for outside use only. If you wish to smoke in the pool area, please keep patio doors closed.

Thank you for observing our NO-SMOKING POLICY!


House phone # 407-250-2340

This phone has FREE calling to Canada, USA and Puerto Rico

  1. Pick up the phone and wait for the dial tone
  2. Dial the number you want. It is also necessary to use the area code even for local calls, but there is no need to place 1 in front.

(Toll free: 800; 888; 877)


The internet network and the password is provided on the cover of the house binder.

If you are unable to access the internet, please contact us [email protected] or 347-460-0729.


In the event of an emergency please dial:   911


WHAT IS 9-1-1 ?

9-1-1 Is an emergency telephone number that provides IMMEDIATE access to LAW ENFORCEMENT, FIRE, and EMERGENCY MEDICAL SERVICES.

9-1-1  Is a FREE call from a pay phone.

WHEN TO USE 9-1-1:

Call 9-1-1 to report a Crime, Fire, Heart Attack, other Serious Medical Condition or Injury, or any situation requiring the IMMEDIATE response of a FIRE TRUCK, AMBULANCE OR LAW ENFORCEMENT VEHICLE.

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­WHAT THE 9-1-1 DISPATCHER WILL NEED TO KNOW:



DO NOT CALL 9-1-1 For: Road/Travel/Severe Weather Information, Household/Auto Repairs, Complaints of Loud Noise, Littering, etc.


If there is a genuine fire in the house, use the fire extinguisher provided under kitchen sink.  Please always remember never to use water on a grease or electrical fire and do have a pot lid around when cooking in case you have to smother a grease fire.  If there is a major fire, get out of the house fast and call 911 from a neighbor’s phone.

EMERGENCY SERVICES                                       

(Fire, Police, Paramedics)………………………………………………………………911

Kissimmee Police Department(Non-Emergency)………………………….407 846 3333

Davenport Police (Non – Emergency)…………………………………………………863 422 5975

Orlando Police Department Information Line ………………………………407 246 2470

Osceola County Sheriff’s Department (Non-Emergency)………..407 348 2222

Polk County Sheriff’s Department……………………………………………………… 863-401-2226

Lake County Sheriff’s Department…………………………………………………….. 352-343-2101

Osceola Regional Hospital, Kissimmee…………………………………………..407 846 2266

Celebration Hospital………………………………………………………………………………..407-303-4000

Heart of Florida Hospital ……………………………………………………………………….863 422 4971

Davenport 24-Hour Pharmacy at Walgreens ……………………………..863 420 6120

Kissimmee 24-Hour Pharmacy at Walgreens …………………………….407 396 1141

Lost & Found at Orlando International Airport ………………………….407 825 2111

Maingate Transportation & Taxi Service ……………………………………..407-390-0000

Directory Assistance ……………………………………………………………………………..411

Traffic & Travel Information ……………………………………………………………….511

Orlando International Airport                                          1-407-825-2118

Sanford International Airport                                          1-407-322-4512

Tampa International Airport                                            1-800-767-8882

Air Canada                                                                     1 888-247-2262

Air France                                                                      1 800 237 2747

Air India                                                                        1 800 223 7776

Air Jamaica                                                                    1 800 523 5585

Air New Zealand                                                            1 800 262 1234

Alaska Air                                                                      1 800 426 0333

American Airlines                                                          1 800 433 7300

American Transair                                                          1 800 225 2995

British Airways                                                              1 800 247-9297

Continental Airlines                                                       1 800 525 0280

Delta Airlines                                                                 1 800 221 1212

Japan Airlines                                                                1 800 525 3663

United Airlines                                                               1 800 241 6522

US Airways                                                                   1 800 428 4322

Virgin Atlantic Airways                                                  1 800 862 8621

If you lose or have your credit card stolen, please call one of the numbers listed below:

Visa                               1 800 336 8472

Master Card                 1 800 826 2181

American Express         1 800 992 3404

 Drowning is Silent  –  Alarms Break That Silence.

As required by FL Law, the vacation home has a pool alarm on the patio door for child safety. Tampering with the alarm is a federal offense carrying a $5,000.00 fine as a penalty.  The owner must be promptly informed of any malfunctioning alarm.

Once the door has been open, the alarm will sound. Pressing the pass-through button while opening door, turns the alarm off so adults can easily come and go without setting the alarm on.

  • Do not allow any glassware in the pool or on the pool deck
  • NO DIVING into the pool and NO RUNNING around the deck.
  • All children and non – swimmers must be observed and supervised by a responsible adult swimmer at all times.  THERE IS NO LIFE GUARD ON DUTY.  Parents are responsible for their children’s safety. 
  • Do not swim during a lightning storm.
  • Ensure that children leave the pool to visit the bathroom.
  • Remove all floating devices, toys etc. from the pool after swimming so that the filter system does not get clogged.
  • Do not allow soap or shampoo into the pool.  They are harmful to the water quality and will involve a complete shut – down of the system before it can be used again. 
  • When using tanning oils please shower prior to getting into the pool.  Tanning oils will cause an “oil slick” on the water surface and get into the pump system through the skimmer and can cause damage to the pump and the water will become unpleasantly smeary.
  • After a swim, dry off completely before entering the house.
  • Ensure, if you are frequently in out of the house by way of the sliding patio doors, that you switch the air conditioning off.
  • Please consider your neighbors when using the pool area, have fun but please refrain from excessive noise at unsociable hours.  You should note that topless sunbathing is unlawful in Florida.  The towels in the home should NOT be taken away from the home and if they are excessively soiled or require replacement you will be charged.
  • When playing and splashing about in the pool, please be observant of the water level.  The water level should always be above the skimmer door, if the water drops below this, severe damage can be caused to the pool pump equipment.   Please notify us as soon as possible so that the correct water level can be maintained.  There should be a hose near the pool area if you prefer to add water yourselves.
  • Do not alter or attempt to alter any of the settings on the pool equipment, such as on the timers, filter, or heater – contact us if you think there is a problem or if you have any questions.
  • The pool is serviced once a week.  This may not always be on the same day each week.
  • Please do not be alarmed if you see a technician suddenly appear in your pool area! He will be calling to check the water quality and add the necessary chemicals to ensure its cleanliness.  Please keep in mind that if you lock the screen doors during the day you will deny access to the pool area and delay any cleaning or necessary chemical additions to keep the pool healthy.
  • At certain time of the year small flies and insects can penetrate the pool screen and fall into the pool.  Sand and dirt may also get through the pool screen, particularly in windy or stormy weather.  There will be a net provided for you to use to fish out floating debris.  Should you require additional pool cleaning this can be ordered at extra cost via the management company office.
  • Glass, when broken is dangerous, impossible to locate and remove from your pool and someone could be injured – please use plastic in the pool area.
  • Coins and other metal objects (such as hair clips) can rust and stain overnight.  Rust cannot be removed without causing damage to the pool deck.  Gum and rubber (such as burst balloons) will bake on the hot deck and also cannot be removed.
  • Enjoy eating out on the pool deck area, but please remember that BBQ Grills will leave grease and any morsels left behind will attract the local insect population!
  • If you have requested pool heat for your stay, the heater will be set to run as necessary to keep the pool at a steady temperature, however, we cannot be responsible when weather conditions affect the temperature of the water and operation of the pool heating equipment. 
  • The home is fitted with a safety pool alarms on the doors and you are encouraged to use them – they are provided for your safety and security.

Solar – powered heaters generally increase the water temperature by about 10 degrees Fahrenheit and only operate in sunny conditions.

If you have not pre-booked pool heating, we can have it turned on for an additional cost.

Using the pool at this property is strictly at your own risk.  It is a condition of renting this property that you accept that neither the owner nor the Management Company or their directors can be held responsible for any accident, injury or illness sustained whilst staying at this property.

The system is fully automatic.  The fan switch should be set at Auto, the temperature to COOL, and the thermostat set between 73 and 80 during the Spring, Summer, and Autumn and usually somewhere between 65 and 75 in the Winter.

Please contact us if you need temperature adjustment above or below the range.

For the Air Conditioning to operate correctly, it is imperative that all the windows, sliding patio doors and outside doors are closed.


When you are not in the house it is a great waste of energy to leave the A/C unit running.  Please switch to OFF or set to 80 degrees (if you are cooling during warm weather), or 60 degrees (if you are heating during cold weather). 

Upon your return, please switch on or reset to your desired temperature – it will only take a few minutes before it is comfortable again.


You will find the home stays cooler, especially in the summer months if you close the blinds when leaving the home.  This keeps the sun out and helps to keep the home cool.

Please ensure when operating the blinds, they are in the open position before pulling them back.

You can help us keep the rental rates low by conserving energy.

Your vacation villa is equipped with a gas barbeque grill. Please feel free to use the grill outside the pool screen area using common sense safety precautions. It is not the responsibility of the owner or Management Company to clean or provide gas for this BBQ.  Please clean it after use as failure to do so may result in a charge being deducted from your security deposit.

BBQ Restrictions

September 25th 2001

Discussion with Mr. Bob James – Osceola County Fire Marshall.


Actual Laws:

Law “NFPA1 – Chapter 3 – Paragraph 3.48”

No Charcoal BBQ’s are permitted in enclosed areas inside a home or garage. No BBQ’s are permitted on pool decks within 3 feet of any combustible material. Combustible fire starter fluid must be stored outside of a home or garage at all times.

The fire Marshall suggested that as part of routine maintenance we should be disposing of starter fluids left by a guest.

Gas BBQ’s

Currently there are no regulations regarding gas BBQ’s being kept on pool decks or garages.  Gas Bottles over 2.5 pounds must be kept outside at all times.  This includes outside of garages.

The fire Marshall pointed out that even a gas bottle that was emptied could have residual gas left in the cylinder.  Most people believe that a gas bottle that has the valve left open is safe but when stored improperly, such as in an overheated garage or shed, the residual in fact could be explosive.  He suggested that we inform our rental owners that they drain their tanks to a minimum 24 hours before departure by disconnecting the tank and opening the valve to full.  Generally, a tank that is drained outside and left open for 24 hours will have enough time to be completely safe.  He did point out that exploding gas tanks has been a major problem in rental homes in this county.  In many cases the homeowners insurance was voided or coverage reduced as most policies address improper storage of combustibles.

Household garbage needs to bagged and placed in the regular black garbage bins.  This is collected every MONDAY between 6am and 6pm.

The green garbage bin is for recyclable products only.  Please be sure to place only your recyclable products in the green garbage bin.  This is collected every FRIDAY between 6am and 6 pm.  See bin lid for details of items that can be recycled. 

If the green recycle bins contain Non-Recyclable items it may not be collected and a fine will be levied for which you will be responsible.

Bins need to be left curbside and returned to the garage or to the side of the villa after collection.



It is important that you check out on time on your morning of departure. If a late check out is required, please contact us [email protected] or 347-460-0729.

Anything you can do will help our cleaners prepare for the next guest (often arriving the same day as you depart)

  • Place dirty crockery and cutlery into the dishwasher and switch the dishwasher on
  • Place all used towels and sheets by the laundry area
  • Bag trash and place it into the outdoor trash bin
  • Turn off all lights and ceiling fans
  • Ensure all windows and doors are closed and locked

Thank you for co-operation

We understand that at some occasions guests may wish to check out later than 10am. However, homes are often booked back-to-back i.e. one guest check out and the next guests check in the same day. That leaves our cleaning team with 6 hours maximum to have the home prepared ready for next guests. We are sure that you would want to find your home clean and ready for your arrival at 4pm – so do next guests. Therefore, our check out policy is strictly enforced in fairness to all guests.

If you want to check out later than 10am – please send us the email [email protected] or call us 347-460-0729 and we will do our best to arrange this whenever possible.

If you check out WITHOUT A PRIOR ARRANGEMENT, then the following late fees will apply to cover the cost of having double cleaning team at home:

Check out at 12 Noon                      $25.00 + tax

Check out at 2pm                           $50.00 + tax

Check out at after 2pm                    Full Night charge + tax


To stay for an extra day or more, please contact us [email protected] or call us 347-460-0729 and we will check availability for the dates you require. Rental rates vary and depend upon the time of the year and availability.


Always ensure all windows and doors are closed and locked before going to bed or leaving the property.

Always keep your valuables in a safe place.  If there is a safe in your property, please use it.  If not, separate these items into different parts of the home.


Whenever you go out, please ensure that all the doors and windows are locked and that any security bars or pegs on the sliding patio doors are in place.  If this property is fitted with a security system, the entry and exit codes may be obtained from us.


This is a self-catering unit.  You will need to keep the house tidy during your stay as it is not serviced between your check-in and day of departure. 

If required you can request a mid-stay clean for an additional charge.  We have provided complimentary toilet tissue and bar soaps, it is your responsibility to replenish these items should you need further supplies during your stay.

Please make sure you keep all food and drink in the refrigerator or cupboards and clean up any split food and drink immediately so not to attract the local insect population.


Problems can and do happen in homes.  Please contact us to report any problems and we will dispatch a maintenance person to deal with the problem. 


Do not move the furniture around during your stay.  Please treat the furniture with the same respect you would in your own home.  Do not sit on couches when covered in suntan lotions or in wet swimsuits.  Take care when placing cups and glasses on tables etc. and wipe up any spills quickly.


Toilets are only designed to accept human waste and toilet tissue.  Other items such as disposable diapers, sanitary products, cotton buds and similar type objects will almost certainly block the waste pipes which, if you cannot clear the problem with the plunger, can result in a plumber having to be called at your expense.  If water does not stop running through the toilet, please contact us.


Please remember to turn off all lights and ceiling fans when going out with the exception of the exterior front porch light.

Do not leave lights and ceiling fans on unnecessarily – help save energy and protect our environment.

Some light switches operate the lamps so please take the time to learn about the various switches in the villa.

Replacement light bulbs are our responsibility and there should be a stock already in the property – however, should you find that there are none please contact us.


For those of you who are visiting from Europe, you may have noticed the light switches work in reverse, on = up and off = down.  Also, designated light switches in some rooms are directly wired to an electrical socket, for example, if a table lamp is plugged in to that socket, the wall light switched will operate that lamp.  Some switches supply power to the ceiling fan and the light on the fan can be switched on by the pull cord.


Should the smoke alarms sound due to burning toast, or other cooking on the stove, and you are secure in the knowledge that there is no reason for their sounding, they may be switched off by opening doors & windows.


Most home owners have a cupboard where they store their personal belongings. If you find a door locked, then please respect that and treat it as a private area – it is probably where the owner has chosen to keep their personal belongings.


The Owners and Property Manager cannot be held responsible for any appliances that fail to work or break down during your stay and will endeavor to get them repaired or replaced as soon as necessary resources are available.


Please do not overload washing machines or dryers. 

When using the dryer please ensure that the lint filter is cleaned after each load.  By clearing it you will also reduce the amount of time required to dry your laundry.


Please only use automatic dishwashing powder or fluid in the dishwasher – never use household dishwashing liquids. 

Please ensure that cutlery does not rest in the base of the dishwasher as it could cause severe damage.


If using the waste disposal unit in the sink, please run the tap water throughout the operation.  The power switch is on the wall close to the sink area.  Please do not clog the unit by putting into it items such as citrus peel, banana skins, onions, cigarette ends, tea bags, celery, bones or anything made of glass or metal and please never operate the waste disposal unit for longer than 20 seconds at any time.

NEVER, put your fingers in the waste – disposal unit while it is in operation.

If an item needs to be retrieved from inside the unit, switch it off first.  If, after clearing a blockage, the unit does not operate, press the reset button on the underside of the disposal cylinder underneath the sink.


To use the required ring, push in the knob and turn it to the desired temperature.  To use the oven, select bake which activates the bottom element.  Select the desired temperature.  To grill, turn the selector knob to broil, select the desired temperature and leave the oven door ajar. 


To use burners, push in and turn the dial to the left for the desired burner. The burner will automatically light. To use the oven, push in the dial and turn it to the left for desired temperature. Turn the dial all the way to the left for BROIL. The Broiler/Grill is usually located in the bottom section of the stove/cooker. KEEP the front door open when in use.


  • Never leave saucepans unattended when stove/cooker is in use.
  • Never leave children unattended when stove/cooker is in use.
  • Never allow children to climb on any part of the stove/cooker
  • Never leave the oven door open when you are not watching the stove.
  • Ensure stove/cooker is turned off when not in use.



There is a microwave unit in the kitchen.  Please only insert microwave safe food and crockery and check that the time you have set is correct for the cooking you are doing.


This is pre–set at the maximum efficiency setting so please do not adjust the switch.  Often the fridge will have an automatic icemaker in the freezer compartment.  To turn on, press the lever down.  Once you have sufficient ice, lift the lever up.

To conserve energy, PLEASE DO NOT LEAVE THE REFRIGERATOR DOOR OPEN.  When filling up the fridge with your first grocery shop it will take a while for the contents to cool.


The home will have standard basic cable television installed.  Any charges for pay per view services will be deducted from your security deposit.


If this property has a video player or DVD, please do not, in the event of a malfunction, attempt to force a tape or disc either into or out of the unit.  Please note that European type Pal System will not operate in the North American type NTSC system.


If this property has a stereo system, please do not move it out away from its current location – unless it is fully portable – in which case under no circumstances may it be taken out of the house.


It would be greatly appreciated if you would inform us of any breakages that happen. We realize that accidents do happen, if something is split or soiled please clean it promptly, if it is damaged beyond repair please notify us.

Please do not leave it for us to discover after you leave.


Insects just love the Floridian climate!  Ants and Palmetto Bugs (which are similar in appearance to Northern Cockroaches but are not nearly as unsanitary) are the most common to be found trying to share your vacation home with you.  As they are attracted to food, it is important to keep all food in the refrigerator or in air tight containers.  For your enjoyment and the enjoyment of other guests, please limit food to the kitchen and dining room areas. 

Outside, watch where you are standing – ants can cause quite nasty bites if you let them crawl up your legs!  If you are walking in wooded areas, especially wetlands, make sure that you cover your arms and legs with appropriate clothing and use insect repellent.

Especially near lakes, ponds, and other watery areas, be aware that there could be a snake out there somewhere.  Do not leave children unattended in grassy areas.  To be bitten by a snake in Florida, is a rare occurrence although should it happen, as with any emergency, dial 911 immediately.  It is imperative that the person bitten is taken to hospital at once.


Florida is known as the sunshine state and you will find that it is easy to burn after just a short period exposed to the sun.  Please use caution when sunbathing for any period of time and use appropriate sunscreen lotions.  Also, be aware that it is easy to suffer from dehydration due to the tropical climate in Florida and we suggest you drink plenty of water.

Severe Weather:



Do not use any electrical appliances during a storm and avoid using the telephone unless in an emergency.  If the power goes out, please be patient for the power company to reconnect the homes in your area.


Hurricane season in Florida is 1st June to 30th November.  If this area comes under a hurricane watch, stay turned to a local TV or radio channel for all updates and advice.  Buy some canned food and bottled water and be prepared to be without power.  You will need to contact your tour company at the earliest convenience to be aware of any plans they may make to evacuate you from the area.


A tornado is a dark funnel of air which will sound like a freight train as it approaches.  In the unlikely event of a tornado threatening, move all guests into the home into a small interior room e.g. bathroom, hallway or closet drop to your knees and cover your head with your arms.  Remain calmly in this position until the tornado has passed.  If injuries or damage has occurred call 911 immediately and then call our office.


There are numerous restaurants in the vicinity, which cater for a wide variety of tastes and cultures.  The concept of “all you can eat” was invented here.  Portions are much bigger than in most countries and meals are surprisingly inexpensive.  Whenever you eat, don’t be surprised if the waiter offers to “box” the food you don’t finish, doggy bags, and boxes are the norm here.


It is customary in the US to tip for most services; in fact, wages are based on a high level of tipping so you will find gratuities are expected, although they are sometimes automatically added and other times optional.  When dining out, check the bottom of the bill and if it states “service, tips or gratuity included”, there is no need to leave a further tip.

Tipping Guidelines

Waiter/Waitress: 15 – 20% of bill

Taxi Driver: 10% of the fare

Valet Parking 10% of the cost


Banks are usually open from 9am until 4pm and are closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays.  All American Banks have cash dispensers (ATM’s) and you can get a cash advance with your credit card and pin number.  If you do not have a pin number, most Banks accept credit cards for cash advances but require authorization from your own Bank and may charge a fee for the service.

If you lose or have your credit card stolen, please call one of the numbers listed below:

Visa                               1 800 336 8472

Master Card                 1 800 826 2181

American Express         1 800 992 3404